At SMARQ we are committed with the evolution of the design and construction systems in the construction field, aiming to practice a 100% sustainable and intelligent architecture.

We endorse a wide knowledge at international level, where we have been subjected to different types of challenges achieving a high success rate. We have an international platform of architects, as well as strategic alliances with manufacturers and developers of products with a high level of engineering that we apply to our projects.

The objective of SMARQ is to offer to our clients a 100% efficient and intelligent construction, focusing on lightweight buildings, finished with specific materials for exteriors with extensive guarantees, reducing the project execution time, increasing the security of the buildings, reducing the investor's risk, giving a unique and exclusive finish.


Exclusive casting systems:

This technology developed by Cobiax Technology is based on the generation of specific voids inside a reinforced concrete slab. Solid concrete is replaced by synthetic void formers and only remains in statically relevant areas. The efficiency and sustainability of the Cobiax vacuum modules are evident even in the early stages of construction: A single truck loading Cobiax vacuum modules replace an average of seven concrete trucks. The technology itself presents additional advantages with superior benefits for all investors involved.

Thermal insulation systems Exclusive:

Innovative, high performance building systems for prefabricated walls that help maximize energy efficiency throughout the building's life. In addition, it has sustainable technology and is tailored to the project with recyclable and resistant materials.


Light facade systems:

Also called ventilated facades, these systems are currently applied in the most renowned projects since these facades have very peculiar characteristics among them are: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, absolute tightness, zero maintenance and durability. We use different types of materials according to the needs of the projects offering a range of possibilities to the investors.

International Platform of Architects:

We have international alliances between architectural studies which we support when designing and finding the most effective solutions for each project, providing exclusivity and effectiveness.


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