Balanced cost with performance
  • Facade cladding can represent 20% of the costs of construction of new projects.
  • Involving a consultant specialized in cladding design increases your success in achieving design, budget and performance goals.
Avoid failures proactively
  • Failures in facade cladding are the main cause of construction problems and claims.
  • Bringing a design expert to the beginning of the process helps to avoid coating deficiencies.
  • FG Advisors can quickly locate problematic areas and resolve technical issues before they become construction faults.
Evolution in systems
  • The coating technology of buildings changes rapidly.
  • New materials, finishes and systems are constantly being introduced to the designer's palette, and require careful evaluation before the application in your project.
  • FG's in-depth involvement with evolution helps balance the pros and cons in making wise and prudent decisions.
Conflict of interests
  • FG gives you an honest, independent answer to the best solution of your project.
  • Responses obtained from curtain wall manufacturers, suppliers and installers may be influenced by sales, product availability, plant capacity or other limits.
  • FG offers information considering the best interests of the client.
Preliminary design
  • In the early stages of any project, FG reviews schematic architectural drawings that refer to the surrounding building design, and offers recommendations on the various facade systems considered.
  • FG meets with the architect's design team to review parameters and / or performance and design limitations.
  • FG develops sections of technical specifications for the construction of façade systems; generates typical support cladding details and advises the scope of application.
Review of the presentation
  • FG generates revisions of structural calculations, presenting technical data for the fulfillment of Contract Documents, areas of technical weaknesses and highlighting the issues that must be addressed before proceeding with the construction.
Project observation
  • FG offers on-site quality control visits to observe the installation process of the systems in the building.
  • We make field observations and reports with the client, which includes a photographic record detailing the observations made.
  • When necessary, our field observation reports and photo records can be used to obtain the longest warranty periods offered by the manufacturers.


Services for the architect

  • Preliminary design.
  • Review of the presentation.
  • Observation of the project.

Consulting services

  • Balanced costs and with performance
  • Avoid failures proactively.
  • Evolution in systems.
  • Conflict of interests.

Engineering services

  • Aluminum and glass systems.
  • Modular and traditional curtain wall system (European and national).
  • Systems of shutters, windows and doors (Foldable, projecting, sliding, oscilo swinging, fixed).
  • Interior glass shutter systems (Sliding, fixed, swinging, hanging).
  • All types of glass walls (Spider systems).
  • Skylights
  • Cladding System
  • Ventilated facade (photovoltaic glass, natural stone, ceramics, aluminum panel, phenolic panel, prefabricated architectural concrete).